We are responsible to our employees

who entrust their livelihoods and careers in OrePac and its leadership. Employees will be treated with respect and dignity, in a way that shows value for the contributions they bring. We must be mindful of ways to help our employees flourish and accomplish their professional and personal goals. For those qualified and dedicated, opportunities will be made available for development and advancement with fair and reasonable compensation. Working conditions will be clean, orderly, safe, and guided by competent and ethical management.

We are responsible to those who trust us with their business.

We must create value for our partners by being a trusted advisor, providing the highest quality products and services while actively managing costs to ensure reasonable prices. We must dedicate time to listen to our customers and seek innovative solutions to drive stable growth.

We are responsible to our communities

and the world in which we live and work. We must create a positive impact by encouraging civic improvements, better health, and quality education. We are responsible for maintaining the land that we are privileged to use, and protecting the environment’s natural resources for future generations.

We are responsible for the evolution of OrePac.

We must manage the business in a manner that produces a sound profit while demonstrating gratitude and humility. We will seek new ideas, embrace lessons learned, and maintain reserves for adverse times. Outstanding operational performance will be achieved through the use of advanced technology and efficient facilities. When we operate according to these principles, employees and shareholders should realize a fair return and the business will thrive for generations.

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