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RISE is available in a variety of sizes and can be cut with standard wood working tools. Consisting of a dual protective barrier (top and bottom), carpet fibers and other synthetic materials, and a polymer core, RISE Trim won’t crack over time like other trim products, is decay and rot-resistant — including ground contact — and resistant to freeze / thaw issues.

Composite, Moulding, Exterior Trim
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  • 13’ length with minimal seams; reduced waste
  • Decay and rot-resistant, including ground contact
  • Minimal expansion and contraction rates
  • 2-sided water protection (top and bottom)
  • Resistant to freeze / thaw issues
  • Looks, feels and works like real wood
  • Strong, dense, and impact-resistant
  • Non-toxic
  • Participant in circular economy

RISE Siding

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RISE Siding products are available in a vertical wood grain finish, and offered in all the typical sizes needed to complete any home’s exterior. It’s pre-finished in eight colors specifically chosen to work well with all types of home styles, and are pre-primed or pre-finished with high-performance coatings.

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  • 20’ length with minimal seams to reduce waste
  • 2-sided water protection
  • No decay, rot, or freeze/thaw damage
  • Minimal expansion and contraction
  • Looks, feels and installs like real wood
  • Can be cut with standard wood working tools
  • Available primed and pre-finished; can be painted
  • Rugged and easy to work with
  • Participant in circular economy

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